NCC Response to our ePetition

We set up an ePetition via the council website to help raise awareness and delay the rollout of 5G until such a time that it has been independently tested. The council rejected it for the reasons below:


Unfortunately your ePetition titled "Public Petition Against 5G Technology in Norfolk" has been rejected. The petition was rejected for the following reasons: Norfolk County Council does not have any currently active trials or demonstrations of 5G technology underway in the County.

O2 have already launched 5G in Norwich and others may follow when they deem it economically viable. They are entitled to do this without reference to the local authorities as they are governed by central government (DCMS) and Ofcom. Any 5G health concerns should be directed to Ofcom or Public Health England as stated on our website

We can be petitioned about services that the County Council has a direct responsibility to provide, or about issues within Norfolk which we can influence in some way.

We therefore will not be able to accept your petition but suggest that you may wish to raise these issues with your local Norfolk MP.

Regards, ePetitions Admin Team

What is Norfolk County Council Doing to Protect Residents?

We are very concerned indeed with our council's policy on 5G. On their website, Introducing 5G they state that they are pleased to confirm that O2 has brought forward its 5G launch in Norwich by two years. 

They state that they are lobbying Mobile Network Operators to improve coverage and prioritise Norwich and Norfolk for futher investment. 

They also claim that a small number of people have voiced concerns about the potential negative health impacts of 5G. This is absolutely not the case, hundreds of published, peer-reviewed studies by independent scientists have demonstrated harm from exposure to Radio-Frequency (RF) microwave radiation. Children and other vulnerable populations are particularly at risk. Some can be found here: Independent Science on the Effect of Wireless Radiation on Human Health

Bear in mind too that these studies do not yet even include the addition of small-cell antenna rollout. 

Several towns have delayed the rollout of 5G, pending further research into the health implications including Brighton and and Glastonbury. There are also many cities in other countries, such as Russia and the Netherlands where rollout has also been stopped without further investigations. 

Why the rush? Why are the leaders of Norfolk County Council willing to put their residents and the region's wildlife and environment at risk until safety has been assured?