Will Security and Privacy be a Thing of the Past and What About Surveillance?

5G will enable an unprecedented number of objects to be wired and constantly communicating with each other - the Internet of Things (IoT). 

When many objects act in unison, they are known as having "ambient intelligence."

Within an ocean of constant data-streaming - from your appliance usage, your communications to your financial transactions, privacy and security will be virtually impossible. 

Member States Publish a Report on EU Coordinated Risk Assessment of 5G Networks Security

The report identifies a number of important security challenges, which are likely to appear or become more prominent in 5G networks, compared with the situation in existing networks:

An increased exposure to attacks and more potential entry points for attackers: With 5G networks increasingly based on software, risks related to major security flaws, such as those deriving from poor software development processes within suppliers are gaining in importance. They could also make it easier for attackers to maliciously insert backdoors into products and make them harder to detect.

Due to new characteristics of the 5G network architecture and new functionalities, certain pieces of network equipment or functions are becoming more sensitive, such as base stations or key technical management functions of the networks.

An increased exposure to risks related to the reliance of mobile network operators on suppliers. This will also lead to a higher number of attacks paths that might be exploited and increase the potential severity of the impact of such attacks. 

In this context of increased exposure to attacks facilitated by suppliers, the risk profile of individual suppliers will become particularly important.

Increased risks from major dependencies on suppliers: a major dependency on a single supplier increases the exposure to a potential supply interruption, resulting for instance from a commercial failure, and its consequences. It also aggravates the potential impact of weaknesses or vulnerabilities, and of their possible exploitation by attackers, in particular where the dependency concerns a supplier presenting a high degree of risk.

Threats to availability and integrity of networks will become major security concerns: in addition to confidentiality and privacy threats, with 5G networks expected to become the backbone of many critical IT applications, the integrity and availability of those networks will become major security concern.

The report notes: “Some sensitive functions currently performed in the physically and logically separated core are likely to be moved closer to the edge of the network, requiring relevant security controls to be moved too, in order to encompass critical parts of the whole network, including the radio access part. If not managed properly, these new features are expected to increase the overall attack surface and the number of potential entry points for attackers, as well as increase chances of malicious impersonation of network parts and functions.”