Why are Children more at Risk?

Why EMFs are much more active in children than in adults

1. Children have a much higher surface area to volume ratio such that their tissues are much more exposed to EMFs. This may be particularly important in the head where thinner skulls mean brain exposure is much higher.

2. Children have much higher densities of stem cells which are particularly sensitive to EMFs.

3. The developing brain is especially sensitive to EMFs.

4. Young tissues have a much higher extracellular water content than older tissues which leads to much deeper penetration of effects.

For the above reasons, Wi-Fi and cell phone tower radiation in schools are both of special concern. 

Both ADHD and autism may be caused by late prenatal and early posy-natal EMF exposure

There are four mechanisms that control synapse formation in the developing brain, each controlled by intracellular Ca2+. An increase in Ca2+ following EMF exposure can disrupt synapse formation causing ADHD and autism.