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The building biology profession has developed a set of standards to provide exposure guidelines for the general public that are as low as possible. Nature is our guideline. This is particularly applicable to those individuals who are electrically hypersensitive. 

This is an updated set of guidelines, published in late 2015 by the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainablility, or IBN (Institut fur Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit) in Germany. The IBN first developed these guidelines years ago and has been updating them every five to ten years. They were translated into English by a German-Canadian graduate of the US-based Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (IBE), Katharina Gustavs of Vancouver, Canada. These English language guidelines are used by the IBE with the permission of the IBN.

A pdf of the guidelines can be found here.


A map showing the base station locations and types for central Norwich and surrounding areas can also be found here.