Are you absorbing radiation from your mobile phone? Our video on the right below shows an experiment designed to estimate the absorption of cell (mobile) phone radiation by 2Kg mincemeat to quantify and check the amount of RF (radio frequency) radiation that you might absorb with a phone next to your body. The experiment is an assessment of whether government guidelines (ICNIRP and FCC etc) for cell phone radiation absorption are truly representative of everyday use. The conclusion is that they are highly inaccurate.  Please share both, the shorter one on the left is less than 20secs. With thanks to Jim for production :)

First things first. There's no way that untested (and in 5G's case, entirely new, beam-forming technological) emissions would be allowed by world governments to saturate their populations and the wider environment, right? Wrong, this is essentially eactly what they are doing.


How is that even possible, when we're continually told these frequencies are safe? The answer to this is that the ICNIRP (Independendent Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection) is an industry backed certification. There are unbelieveably massive profits to be made and the so-called urgency for full 5G rollout is actually a global agenda to enable 'smart' cities, driverless cars, surveillance and the internet of things (IoT).  Quite simply, there are no standards, as you can hear straight from the horse's (Tom Wheeler of the FCC) mouth above. ICNIRP's 'safety' testing has only ever been on the thermal effects (not biological) and only then over short time spans, not exactly the exposure you would get if you lived beside a mast. The reason for this is that they know full well that any independent testing will expose biological harms, there have been literally 1000's of peer reviewed papers as evidence to innumerable and often very serious adverse affects from exposure to radio frequencies. This is why it is also uninsurable.  


This excellent short is a poignant and sobering film on the discrimination that EHS sufferers have to face. Remembering Nearfield is an international animated film about a disability called electrohypersensitivity (EHS). It is an AWARD WINNER at the 40th season of World Film Carnival.