Prior Approval refused for the proposed 5G Mast in Newmarket Road! Thank you to everyone who made an objection, each and every one really does make a difference. Please click here for the council's full resons for refusal by accessing the Decision Notice here:

Please also visit RFinfo for the most up to date advice on masts


We are currently objecting to the following applications. Please log an objection on the relevant planning application page. They don't need to be long. For more advice see here: How You Can Help

New applications will be listed here. 


An 18 metre 5G monopole is seeking prior approval in the beautiful village of Overstrand. We attended the over-spilling parish meeting and there was not one person in support. Please add your objection. Deadline 3rd Aug 2021 and mention that it's sited on a dangerous junction on the edge of a conservation area (unsighlty etc.) You can email the planning dept. directly if you don't live in North Norfolk.


A planned care home for children with behavioural and learning difficulties will be beside this 20 metre 5G monopole in Bowthorpe. Click below and please object! Deadline 1st June 2021.

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5G monopole opposite Town Close School in Newmarket Road - PRIOR APPROVAL REFUSED!

*Objection deadline: 2nd September

Please check the planning applications in your district by searching for 'mast', 'antenna' and 'monopole' and let us know if it isn't listed above. Do contact us if you need any help with objections 

Severe damage to hedge behind cabinets and monopole on Newmarket Road

Legal Action Against 5G

Please support Legal Action Against 5G.  The case is headed by Michael Mansfield QC, renowned for upholding human rights and supported by a robust and committed legal team.

* 5G has NEVER been independently tested.

* It is an uninsurable technology.

* Full rollout necessitates such vast numbers of antennae that it will be impossible to avoid exposure in residential areas and privacy and surveillance will be an ever-increasing threat.

* Industry testing on portable and mobile telecommunications equipment has only measured the thermal impact on dummy heads but damage by radiation is biological.

* Children are the most vulnerable.

What is 5G?

5G telecommunication networks will employ low-(0.6 GHz - 3.7 GHz), mid-(3.7 – 24 GHz), and high-band frequencies (24 GHz and higher). The “high-band” frequencies largely consist of millimeter waves, a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths within 1- 10 millimeters and frequencies ranging from 30 to 300 GHz. For comparison, the 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services employ much lower frequencies between 0.8 GHz and 2.6 GHz.

There is a massive push by governments and telecommunication companies to fast track the rollout of fifth generation technology. Unlike 4G, the new technology promises superfast downloads and greater accessibilty, a fully interconnected world promising a better standard of life, driverless cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) mass data gathering and Smart Cities. There are also almost unprecedented levels of profit to be made but how do we know that this new technology is safe?

Just How Safe is 5G?

Norfolk 5G Awareness is a local group set up to voice concerns over the rollout of so-called fifth generation technology, which has never been independently safety tested and is uninsurable due to serious health concerns. There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies that link Radio Frequency (RF) radiation to major health conditions such as cancer, genetic and reproductive damage and neurological disorders. Children, the unborn, the elderly and the infirm are especially at risk.

A Sobering Truth, Exposing Profits over Health in Less Than Four Minutes

Former Federal Communications Commision Chairman, Tom Wheeler, disclosing that there will be no studies, regulations or standards to hamper the billions of dollars in profit to be made with 5G deployment.

Health Implications

Unlike previous generations, 5G technology uses milimeter and sub-milimeter waves, which don't travel as far as the microwaves used for 3G and 4G. This means that small-cell antennas will have to be installed in close proximity to homes and places of work. These antennas will emit a constant stream of Radio Frequency (RF) microwave radiation every day, all day. 

You would assume that such saturated exposure to these antennas would have been rigourously and independently tested before the technology is installed. However, there are no long-term studies showing that exposure to 5G wirelesss signals is safe for people. In fact there are hundreds of studies showing significant harmful effects to wildlife and the environment.