Do the Local Councils Represent us? 

We have tried to engage with both District and County Councils, some methods have been marginally more productive than others but it is clear from our experience that national government has been eroding away at any remains of democracy and gaining access to voice concerns over anything outside the national and global narrative is almost impossible in any meaningful way. However, this does not mean that we will not continue to campaign and we feel that raising awareness with local residents is the best way forward. It is very important to remember that they always need our consent, which is often the default of doing nothing. Below are some of our recent interactions.

On the left is our refused question to the Norfolk County Council's April '23 cabinet meeting as it was considered to be not within the council's 'delegated powers'. They suggested we contact our parish councillor who has virtually no power at all. Who then will take responsibility for the health of Norfolk's residents?


We had to try again with a new tactic. The following month in May '23 our question was related to the destruction of the city's beautiful heritage skyline by potentially peppering the view with new, massive monopoles (up to 20m). This was accepted and and we were allowed to vocalise a related supplementary question..



Of course the answer to the second question on the right was that it was a planning matter and we should take this up with Norwich City Planning. However, we were expecting this and the main reason for vocalising was to get proof that cabinet and county council have been informed of the dangers and this can be found on the cabinet meeting's YouTube account.


Note, that you are limited to a VERY few words and once accepted, an individual is not permitted to ask another question for six months!